A Sustainability Vision For The University of Arizona

We believe the University of Arizona can fully realize its potential as a sustainable model for our local, national, and global communities when its students, faculty, and staff are willing to make ecologically sound changes at home, work, and school. Participants in our events also become wiser and more comfortable with engaging in leadership roles for important environmental issues.

As sustainability programs on campus and environmental learning programs at the Cooper Center become more connected, overall effectiveness will increase and we will inspire a greater population of the incoming and outgoing student body, faculty, staff, and even alumni to advocate for and participate in sustainable solutions and lifestyles for greater quality of life and a healthier planet.


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Outreach Achievements

Using an innovative, interdisciplinary perspective, Cooper Campus Outreach efforts have recognized their greatest success when networking with students, faculty, and staff, and supporting existing projects that align with goals toward a more sustainable campus community.

As the Cooper Center touches the lives and experiences of many students through its network of partnerships, it helps to fulfill the Student Affairs and Enrollment Management mission, offering paths for students to career preparation, increased quality of life through natural world experiences, and feelings of belonging in their Sonoran Desert home.



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