Camp Cooper Wildlife Camera

Here at Camp Cooper, we use a wildlife camera to capture images of wildlife around our wildlife watering hole. Camera trapping, as it is sometimes called, is a way to observe desert wildlife in a way that is both intimate and non-intrusive. There's nothing more exciting than reviewing the videos from the previous day, and finding something amazing!

A Few Of Our Favorites

"Nervous Coyote" reigns as our most popular Facebook post ever, with over 62,000 views. It's worth a watch, and makes us even more excited about the summer rains.



Grey Fox


Little Critters

What is a Camera Trap?

A "camera trap" is a camera that is automatically triggered by a change in some activity in its vicinity, like the presence of an animal. It is typically equipped with a motion sensor and microphone to trigger recording, and a big battery to allow the camera to remain in the field for hours or days at a time.


Jerry Rowlette
Camp Cooper Neighbor & Wildlife Cam Expert
Equipment Recommendations, Technique, and Some Of His Best Photography

"Since retiring from Raytheon I have been photographing wildlife on my small piece of property in the Tucson Mountains.. just down the road from the Cooper Center. I have used many of the various trail cameras on the market and also have 3 DSLR camera traps in operation. My photos and videos have been featured on many local TV news stations and magazines. I am constantly amazed at the wildlife that lives and thrives on the edge of Tucson virtually unseen by the vast majority of us. I would like to think my pictures increase awareness and appreciation of the Sonoran Desert and those that inhabit its wild places."


A special thanks to Jerry for supplying us with a camera for our recent camera trapping efforts!

A Predator-Prey Mystery

A predator-prey scenario played out in the desert around Camp Cooper, and we've got the footage to prove it! With camp so quiet this year, we're seeing some animals that would not otherwise be around.

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