Dean Ronald W. Marx,  University of Arizona College of Education

“The Cooper Center is a valuable part of our elementary education program for prospective teachers and our graduate programs in environmental learning. More importantly, it serves as a connection between the university and our community, and outreach is an integral part of our college's mission.”

Kristel Foster, Tucson Unified Governing Board

“Camp Cooper is such a special place, where generations of Tucsonans had our first outdoor education experience, connecting us to the ecosystem of the Sonoran Desert, the land we live on that sustains us, our home. As computers and technological simulation continue to transform the classroom, we must ground students in this reality, in the cycles and systems of the natural world around them. Funding this natural classroom is as essential as funding the local school or an online academy. We must support Camp Cooper as we do national parks, reserves and different species so this special land is here for our children today and for generations to come.”

Moses Thompson, Teacher & Counselor, Manzo Elementary

“As someone who’s done environmental education in Tucson for the past nine years, I’ve discovered there’s no substitute for getting kids out into the desert. The sense of scale and assault on your senses can’t be mimicked. Cooper Center taps into the deserts potential not only through its unparalleled location but through the quality programs it delivers.”

Earl Mendenhall, Cooper Center Advisory Board President

“It’s more important than ever that people get involved in the Cooper Center, either by coming out and providing us with their guidance and their wisdom or by investing in Cooper by contributing. Both of my kids went to Camp Cooper and absolutely loved it - we must support programs like this.”

Patricia Anders, Professor for the University of Arizona College of Education

“Camp Cooper is a beautiful and magical place where collaboration and sustainability are key as well as joy and the love of inquiry and learning. The Cooper Center for Enviromental Learning is an important part of our department, college and the Tucson community. Definitely worth supporting.”

Conor Eldridge, Parent from Miles Elementary

“This program is amazing. The kids have full buy-in and that is a testament to the skill and passion of the educators. It will be a truly memorable experience for these kids.”