Camp Cooper Wish List

Our updated wish list below accommodates any budget.

Alternatively, those wishing to support Cooper may wish to make a monetary donation or volunteer.

Thank you for your support!

Ready to make a wish lift gift to Cooper?
Here are some answers to common questions.

Q. How do I coordinate giving a gift?

A. Email us to let us know what you would like to purchase, and we can discuss options for shipping your item to us, dropping it off in person, or having our staff pickup the item from you.

Q. What if I want to give a gift online in the amount of an item listed below?

A. No problem!  Simply head on over to the secure UA Foundation donation portal and make a gift in any amount. Specify your gift is for "Cooper Center Operations" and email us once your gift is made to indicate what item you would like us to purchase on your behalf.




Expo Markers

expo markers of different colors in package

EXPO markers are used in the classroom for teaching and other demonstrations.


Available On Amazon

White Board Markers

whiteboard markers of different colors in package

Perfect size for kids hands!

Available On Amazon


$25 - $50


Sand Weights for Pop-Up Tent

black sandbags

We use tables and tents all the time out here at Camp Cooper - for activities and events, for eating lunch under the ramada, for working and teaching.  Sandbags are useful for holding down our equipment on windy days.

Available at Home Depot


$50 and up


Giant Jenga

jenga blocks with sizes and dimensions

Keep our campers entertained and engaged!

Available At Yard Games

2 Pack Ryobi Batteries


Help keep our equipment running with replacement batteries.

Available at Home Depot


microwave stock image

An everyday essential for staff and campers!

Available At Lowes