Teacher Orientations

A Camp Cooper experience is unique and special, and we want you, your students, and your parent volunteers to be fully prepared for the experience.  We ask all teachers to attend a mandatory Teacher Orientation if you've never led a Cooper field trip or are doing a new program. You will receive professional development credit for your valuable time. There are two different kinds of orientations depending on which field trip experience you choose.

Single Day & Overnight Trip Orientation

For Single Day and Overnight Trips, Cooper staff will be send out a link to an online orientation after registration.  Please note that completing this orientation is mandatory prior to attendance.

Annual Earthkeepers Orientation

Our annual Earthkeepers orientation is scheduled for September 28th 2019. Upon registration, teachers will receive an email from Cooper staff with your invite to this event. Our 2020 orientation has not yet been scheduled.

Sunship III Orientation

If you have never done Sunship III at the Cooper Center, you must attend an informational Sunship III Orientation  which is held at the beginning of each school year to acquaint you with the program and facility. Even if you have done SUNSHIP III before it may be a good idea to attend the orientation again, as there is much information and our experience is such that it takes more than one trip to get comfortable with the program.  Contact us for more information.

Schedule Your Own Orientation

You may also contact us to schedule an orientation at the Cooper Center for fall 2019 or spring 2020 field trip experiences.