Program Fees for 2022-23 School Year

  • Half Day Programs (K-2) - $5 per student for TUSD schools; $8 per student for non-TUSD groups
  • Full Day Programs (K-8) - $8 per student for TUSD schools; $10 per student for non-TUSD groups
  • Overnight Programs (K-8) - $10 per student for TUSD schools; $12 per student for non-TUSD groups
  • Earthkeepers (4-5) - $40 per student for TUSD schools; $50 per student for non-TUSD groups

Field Trip Funding Assistance Available

We never turn away a field trip for lack of funding. Cooper’s grassroots fundraising efforts have connected us with hundreds of people who want to help make your field trip a success. This support may be in the form of an Arizona Tax Credit donation to your school or assistance directly from Cooper Center in the form of grant awards and scholarships. Financial assistance can help cover costs for program fees, bus transportation, food, or materials. This includes the NEW Angel Charity Scholarship, which will provide FREE overnight experiences to 940 students of Title I schools this year! This past year, every teacher who asked Cooper for funding assistance received it, and we pledge to do our best to help you meet your needs again in the coming year. We will find a way to fund your trip, even if it takes the entire school year to do the necessary fundraising. When booking your trip, be sure to indicate your interest in funding assistance on the form.

Get Your Camp Cooper Meals Through TUSD

TUSD Food Services is now offering to provide meals for any overnight or multi-night experience, even if your field trip is not from a TUSD school. Contact TUSD Food Services at 520-225-4700 for more information.  Learn more.

Changes to Group Size After Confirmation

The Cooper Center’s funding for staff and operations is dependent on program fees that come from field trips. This means that we need as accurate a count of student participants as possible from you, both at the beginning of the year when you reserve your trip and also a few weeks before the experience. If fewer than three-quarters of the expected students attend on the day of your field trip, you may be charged for three-quarters of the expected total if advanced notice isn’t given. For example, if you inform the Cooper Center staff that 60 students will be attending and only 40 arrive, and no changes have been expected, then your group will be charged for 45 students, or three-quarters of the original 60. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Cooper Center Trip Cancellation Policy

Unfortunately, we had multiple last-minute cancellations of field trips last year, so now is a good time to review our cancellation policy, as approved by TUSD and UA. The policy states that “Should a cancellation become necessary within four (4) weeks of your program or use date, the organization may be charged the minimum per participant fee or the entire rental fee at the Cooper Center’s discretion. Cancellations between four (4) and eight (8) weeks of the agreement date may be charged one-half (½) the minimum per participant fee or one-half (½) the use fee.” Cancellations that take place at least eight (8) weeks in advance or due to weather considerations will not be charged a fee. Cooper Center will work with you to ensure that your trip happens as planned or that an alternative field trip date can be arranged. Fees will only be charged in extreme circumstances, such as cancellation within the week of the planned trip with no alternative trip date available.