Cooper Intern Profile | Josh Gaines

Jan. 20, 2021


Josh Gaines is an undergrad in the Literacy, Learning, and Leadership Program with a minor in Parks and Recreation. He joined the Cooper team in Spring 2021 and his main interest is in camp/outdoor center management.

Q. Your focus is on camp/outdoor center management - can you share the nature of your work with the Cooper Center?

A. My name is Josh Gaines, and my work at the Cooper Center involves training and working with Cooper Center staff on existing and new programming, improving Cooper Center’s diversity and inclusion efforts and collaborating with current and new Cooper Center community partners.

Q. What in your background and experience led you to the Cooper Center?

A. My summer camp experience and academic background have led me to the Cooper Center for Environmental Learning, the perfect place for me to apply my skills in a recreation/education-focused organization while learning new skills and knowledge in environmental education.

Q.  What are you interested in doing professionally and how does your work at Cooper connect with your larger professional goals?

A. I can see myself working in camp/recreation administration, committed to attracting and creating a satisfying, inclusive experience for a diverse group of individuals. The field of recreation enables me to work with all types of populations such as youth, college students, and adults/parents, and my work at the Cooper Center gives me another opportunity to contribute and expand my skills to make our world a better place to live.

Q. Can you bring to light one specific experience or memory from your work at Cooper?  Something funny, or meaningful, or a learning moment for you?

A. My favorite part of Cooper Center is the dynamic and passionate team of individuals and their willingness to adapt to change. They have continuously and tirelessly demonstrated professionalism and ingenuity to keep Cooper Center relevant and top of mind in these chaotic and challenging times.