Our Program Partners

As an organization that supports our community, we have many partners that help us with educational enhancement in the natural world, model sustainable living in our Sonoran Desert and help create positive experiences outside for people of all ages.

Community Partners Available for Outreach Programs

See the Bees

is an educational workshop, presented by Mona Chambers, a Master Beekeeper, provides a comprehensive and dynamic overview of pollination, bees, and beekeeping. Visual and interactive displays include photographs, bee products, and beekeeping equipment. The presentation also includes a fully-contained observation hive with live bees, and an optional honey tasting. Please see www.seethebees.com for more information.

Arizona Master Naturalists Association

Arizona Master Naturalists (AZMNs) are trained and certified volunteers who provide community service to organizations in need of educational programming, citizen science, and stewardship activities. This includes Cooper Center field trip experiences and in-class activities. For more information, visit https://azmasternaturalist.org/


4th grade and older

In partnership with the community and NSF, NOAO works with colleges and universities to train the next generation of scientists and engineers, and promotes accomplishments to strengthen education and public awareness of the astronomical sciences.

Contact: Colin Waite, Cooper Center Director at  coe-CooperCenter@arizona.edu

Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association

3rd grade and older

Available for afternoon and/or night time activities.

Contact by email at taaa-info@tucsonastronomy.org  or by phone 520-792-6414

Old Pueblo Archaeology Center

Old Pueblo Archaeology Center’s OPENOUT (Old Pueblo Education Neighborhood Outreach) program offers 45 to 60 minute presentations by a professional archaeologist.

Contact: info@oldpueblo.org

What is an Archaeologist?

This presentation helps people of all ages understand what archaeologists do, including how they interpret discoveries to learn about the homes of people, their food, clothing, fun, games, and ceremonial life.

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Lifestyle of the Hohokam

This program is about the archaeological culture that inhabited most of southern Arizona for the 1,000-year period between A.D. 450 and 1450. The Hohokam mastered their Sonoran Desert environment by utilizing its varied plant, animal, and mineral resources and by establishing hundreds of miles of irrigation canals to grow their own food.

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Ancient People of Arizona

This presentation is designed to give children an idea of how the ancient Hohokam lived and how some aspects of everyday life have changed and others have stayed the same. The outreach presentation includes dioramas of ancient homes, artifact replicas, and illustrations to help the kids experience how prehistoric Native Americans of our area lived and appreciated the arts they created. 

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Arizona Sonora Desert Museum

Contact: bmacfarlane@desertmuseum.org

If you are interested in scheduling the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum to be part of your field trip, please fill out this form

Yoga with Sara Amiot

Contact: saraamiot@gmail.com . 480-636-6764

Here's a quick bio about Sara:

Inspired by the freedom and personal growth found in yoga a few years ago, Sara has not stopped practicing ever since. The closer she grew with her own practice, the more she felt the drive to share her passion and dive deeper into the community. In winter of 2017, Sara became an RYT 200 Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor, and is always seeking out new ways to combine her knowledge of yoga with that of the outdoors and our natural environment. Sara always encourages her students to stay curious, flexible, loving, and kind with themselves and others-- laughing at our mistakes is all part of the journey!

Additional Community Partners:

Pima County Natural Resources