Internships At The Cooper Center

Cooper Center interns work with us to develop and enhance programs, curriculum, administration and more.  Our interns work alongside our education staff to encourage hands-on learning and exploration of the Sonoran Desert for the students of southern Arizona. Training is provided in accordance with the Cooper Center’s Mission Statement and our desire to help students develop positive feelings for the natural world, and to learn to live more lightly on the earth.


Meet Our Interns

Diana Hsieh

Diana Hsieh is a graduate student in Hydrology who is working with us through a NASA grant, and her focus is curriculum development and revision. She is specifically tackling our Ecosystem Explorers program, formerly for 3rd grade learners and recently refocused on 5th graders because of changes to the Arizona Science Standards. She started in August 2020.

Intern Spotlight | Diana Hsieh

Jesse Duarte

Meet our intern Jesse (he/him)! He was born and raised in Tucson Arizona, and his favorite desert animal is the Cactus Wren because "that bird usually doesn’t migrate and needs to find ways to survive and thrive in the desert all year long and I resonate with that".


Intern Spotlight | Jesse Duarte

Andrea Bennett Gutierrez

Andrea is a graduate student in the Language, Reading and Culture master’s program, with an emphasis on bilingual education. She has worked in informal education in nonprofit and museum settings and strives to implement in education and community engagement. Andrea loves nature and art, and often enjoys painting or drawing outdoors. She also loves animals, particularly lizards, frogs, small rodents, and dogs.

Intern Spotlight | Andrea Bennett Gutierrez

Apply For An Internship

Please send us a letter of interest and any questions you might have.

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We are fortunate to work with the following scholarship programs at the University of Arizona that help to underwrite our intern program. 

Paul Lindsey Internship

This program invites interns to learn through an experience in informal education, outside of the classroom experience. Participants intern in education-related offices, outreach programs, learning centers/programs at the school or district level, museums, evaluation agencies, or other school collaborative projects.

Paul Lindsey Internship

Coverdell Fellowship

UA Coverdell Fellows commit to providing approximately 320 hours of service and outreach annually for each of two years. Service must benefit an underserved community in the United States or its territories. Service is usually conducted through a quarter-time (.25 FTE) Outreach Assistantship, which is usually paid, but is sometimes a volunteer or academic experience.

Coverdell Fellowship

Literacy, Learning, and Leadership (LLL)

LLL majors can use internships for elective credit in their program of study.  An internship is optional, but it is a great way for students to explore career paths, get academic credit, and build their resumes all at the same time.  Internships also give students the opportunity to: put methods and theories from coursework into practice, engage with a professional community and develop valuable leadership skills such as critical thinking, communication, and collaboration, gain concrete experience for future employers in areas such as program design, advocacy, and assessment.

LLL Internships