Bookmans Sports Exchange

Has donated 10,000 and counting water bottles to keep plastic out of our desert and kids hydrated while exploring and learning.

Our Facility

The Cooper Center can support two elementary school-sized classrooms (approximately 60 students) for each field experience and is available for group rentals.  There are 6 sleeping cabins, large outdoor meeting spaces, a classroom, kitchen, and bathrooms. 

Environmental Learning

Students experience key ecological concepts through hands-on, exploration-based programs, supported by the University of Arizona College of Education, Tucson Unified School District, and the Institute for Earth Education.

National Optical Astronomy Observatory

Students from the University of Arizona work with NOAO's Dark Skies Rangers program to teach Cooper Center field trip participants the importance of preventing light pollution. 


Bookmark our crowdfunding site for the campaign:
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Camp Cooper is a community-funded program that is successful thanks to people like you. Each year, in addition to support from the University of Arizona College of Education and Tucson Unified School District, we need to raise 150 thousand dollars to fully staff our educational team at the Center and provide memorable and impactful experiences for more than 3,000 children from across Southern Arizona. 
This support comes from local philanthropic foundations and businesses, Camp Cooper alumni from our 53-year history, parents and teachers who recognize the value of our field trip programs, and people from across our community who want to invest in helping us inspire the next generation of environmentally responsible citizens. 

This summer, with a $10,000 gift from Southwestern Foundation for Education and Historical Preservation, the Cooper Center Endowment Fund moved into active status with the University of Arizona Foundation. As this fund grows, it will provide a sustainable source of funding for Cooper's staffing and operations, moving beyond the year-to-year fundraising challenges that have plagued the Center since 2015. Click the title to read more...

Currently, the Fund sits at just over $25,000. For the Cooper Center to be fully funded by this endowment, the account would need to grow to approximately $5 million! 

CLICK HERE to access our Trip Request Form. Please read the entire document carefully before filling out your request. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at (520) 626-1825 or (520) 743-7422. We look forward to working with you and your students this year! Cooper Center field trip experiences are open to any school or educational group.

Join us on Thursday, July 28th to learn more about our Earthkeepers program for 4th and 5th graders and our Sunship III program for middle school students. Questions and RSVP's to or (520) 626-1825.

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Trip request forms for the 2016-17 school year will be accepted during this time.