Use your FREE $200 or $400 to send students to Cooper! Depending on how you file your AZ state taxes, you can give up to $200 or $400 to directly pay for environmental learning field trips for students from schools in need -- at no cost to you. Click Here to See How in 5 Simple Steps.

Our annual fundraising campaign is going on now, and our goal is to raise $30,000 by April 30th. These donations, along with grants from local foundations and other gifts, will determine how many staff members we can hire to lead our field trips and how well we can pay them for their amazing work. Donate now at http://crowdfund.arizona.edu/cooper2018! #SupportCooperCenter 


Jackrabbit sat down with Mrs. Green back in 2015 to talk about the value of Camp Cooper programs and experiences to Southern Arizona. Learn more and download the podcast at http://www.mrsgreensworld.com/2015/08/11/cooper-center-for-environmental-learning-2. #mrsgreensworld