Mixed age group walking down a trail towards desert landscape with a large round camp map visible.

Field Trip Update

We're excited to announce that we will be resuming in-person field trips. If you are interested in scheduling a field trip for the 2021-22 school year, please complete our Field Trip Interest Form.

Camp Cooper is Back In Session

Camp Cooper overnights are unforgettable - picture of student arriving with overnight gear.

After a year of strictly online field trips, Camp Cooper is now accepting field trip requests for the 2021-22 school year ahead. Teachers are encouraged to complete this simple form to indicate your desired program, dates and additional teachers you might be interested in coordinating with. We can't wait to see you and your students!

Wildlife at Camp Cooper

Here at Camp Cooper, we use a wildlife camera to capture candid videos of wildlife around our wildlife watering hole. Camera trapping, as it is sometimes called, is a way to observe desert wildlife in a way that is both intimate and non-intrusive. There's nothing more exciting than watching the videos from the previous day, and finding something amazing!

Bring Camp Cooper Home!

Camp Cooper Online is a free, online portal to environmental learning made fun and new, brought to you by our amazing team of educators. Activities have been tailored to being done at home using original videos, downloadable worksheets for older kids to complete independently or for younger kids to complete with parents.

Camp Cooper Facility Improvements


Major Upgrades Ahead!

  • We are excited to introduce Phase I of the Camp Cooper Master Plan: Eco-friendly bathroom and shower facility construction, replacing facilities built more than 45 years ago.
  • Energy-saving construction features will include: solar energy, composting toilets and rainwater harvesting to serve as a model for sustainable outdoor education facilities.

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Cooper Center News


Cooper Center Events

Cooper Center for Environmental Learning - Tucson, AZ

"I am amazed at the effort put into the activities and how great the staff are with the kids"

- Parent of Tolson Elementary student


Cooper Educational Videos

Get to know our educational staff as they take on on virtual walks, hunts for flowers, share some of their favorite books and animals, and lead you in fun activities to do from home or in your neighborhood! 




More Educational Videos


Preschool Nature Day 2020 at Camp Cooper, Tucson AZ

"Exploring the desert with the kids was life changing. I'm not a Tucson native, so I learned so much!"

-Parent of Lineweaver student

Get To Know The Cooper Center

In celebration of the Cooper Center's September fundraising campaign, we hosted a live stream happy hour event featuring musicians and storytellers, cartoonists and crooners, researchers and teachers, as well as donors and supporters.

Thank you to everyone who performed, presented or donated during Happy Hour! Together with Tucson Electric Power’s matching gift we raised close to $12,500 to support our September fundraiser.