Sunship III General Information

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A celebration of adolescents entering into adulthood, and the perceptions and choices that await them in both how and where they live and how they interact with the natural world!



Length of Cooper Visit: 3 days and 2 nights

Offered:  November and December

Grades: 7th and 8th Grades

Max Students: 40 students

Fee:  $60/student (meals included)

SUNSHIP III is about perception and choice in our daily habits and routines, as well as exploration and discovery about where and how we live. This program begins with a “commencement” ceremony to honor the students as they move into adolescence and ask them to take more responsibility for their actions. Participants in SUNSHIP III learn about the Ship Of Life (SOL) – the Earth, and decide what type of relationship they are going to have with other life on the planet. By learning about the Systems Of Life that operate on Earth, the Sections Of Life or natural communities, and the Styles Of Life that are in harmony with the Earth, students begin focus on their own impacts on the world around them:  their own perceptions and choices.

A month prior to arrival at the Cooper Center, participants will receive a gift check of 1,000 Solarians (units of sunlight energy), a letter and an invitation to the Commencement where they will begin their journey in crafting their life and how they interact with the Earth.

Participants will learn about the flow of energy that supports us, the Earth’s recycling systems, how things change over time, and see how everything is interrelated. They also explore some of the beautiful natural ecological communities on Earth, find ways to illustrate their feelings about these Sections Of Life, and find their own ‘magic spot’ to immerse themselves in the flow of life on Earth.

Each day, the participants must choose between using lots of energy and materials and spending lots of Solarians, or using less energy and materials and saving Solarians.

At the end of their 3 day adventure, students complete the program back at home and school by setting out on their own Quest to find Truth, Adventure, and Harmony. They interview and learn from community organizations, businesses, and individuals that have demonstrated harmonious perceptions and choices, explore and experience new and exciting natural communities, and participate in a community project. These experiences help each student to craft their own lifestyle as a maturing young adult.

If you are interesting in learning more about the SUNSHIP III Program at the Cooper Center please Contact Us or click the appropriate link below. Some of these links below are password protected and access can be requested from the staff of Cooper.