Welcome, students! This page gives you information about your trip to the Cooper Center.

10 Things to Know Before Coming to the Cooper Center


  1. The Cooper Center is a place where students from all over southern Arizona come to spend time outside in the Sonoran desert learning and enjoying.

  1. The Cooper Center has rules just like at school. These rules are to make sure you stay safe.


  • groupSafety first!

  • We walk wherever we go, no running. You can trip and fall into a cactus… no fun!

  • Watch out for cactus spines and thorns

  • Watch out for animals that bite and sting – if you leave them alone, they’ll leave you alone.

  • Watch out for each other

  • Respect all plants and animals; no hurting or killing

  • No feeding wildlife. This can make them sick.

  • No Gum.


  1. You MUST have a full water bottle with you at all times! We live in a dry desert and drinking water is very important.

water bottle


  1. Everyone will have to help with clean up. It’s polite to always leave the Cooper Center better than you found it for the next group.



  1. When hiking, please stay on the trail unless a Cooper Teacher tells you that you can go off the trail.



  1. If you are sleeping over, the Cooper Center’s cabins look like this:

  1. If you are sleeping over, make sure you bring the right things. Click on Packing Lists link to find out what to pack. You need to know how many nights you are staying.


  1. You can bring cameras, but make sure you’re not using them during an activity or when a teacher or leader is speaking.

  1. Make sure you listen to all the adults (Cooper teachers, your teachers and parent chaperones). They are there to keep you safe and to help you have a good time.



  1. Make sure you have FUN!!!!