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It’s ten o’clock in the morning on another beautiful spring day in the Sonoran Desert, and a bright yellow school bus is coming to a stop between a majestic saguaro and a flowering ocotillo.  You can hear the children’s excitement as the doors of the bus open, and they step off onto the hard, packed dirt of the trail; explorers on new terrain, eyes wide.

This is the start of an incredible day at the Cooper Center for Environmental Learning.

For most of the 4,000 students that visit the Cooper Center each year, experiencing the desert is like visiting an alien planet.  Most Southern Arizona children have never had the opportunity to connect to the natural world and learn about it through firsthand experience.  In fact, they may never leave their neighborhood.  The Cooper Center has been providing meaningful natural world experiences for 50 years and we have shared the Sonoran Desert with over 130,000 children.

Our center is supported by a groundbreaking partnership between the Tucson Unified School District and the University of Arizona.  This partnership, utilizing the resources of two of our community’s most influential institutions, is moving Cooper forward in its efforts to become a community-based center for learners of all ages.

Our home, whether you think of it as the city of Tucson, the United States, or the planet Earth, is in serious trouble.  All too often, human connections to the environment are broken, and the time needed to mend these connections is running out.  Our home desperately needs a new generation of environmental leaders and decision-makers, and the Cooper Center is where the children of today become the responsible citizens of tomorrow.

Your donation, whether it is $10 or $1,000, is critical to the Cooper Center’s efforts to bring this kind of experience and understanding to the children in our community who need it most.  You will directly impact each child that participates in environmental learning through Cooper’s programs.  Your support moves us closer to our vision: a community that appreciates and enjoys the natural world while living more lightly on the earth. 

Thank you.


To make a donation to the Cooper Center for Environmental Learning, follow the link below to the College of Education's site for giving. Click on the "Give Today" link on the bottom of the page.  On the donations page, select "Other" and then type in "Cooper Center for Environmental Learning."

You can sponsor an individual child's Camp Cooper experience, an entire class, or even an entire program.  The donation levels below cover the cost of staffing, transportation, and educational materials: everything that is needed for the experience.

Levels of Giving

Cooper Student - $25:  Provide one K-8 student with an overnight or day program experience at the Cooper Center. More information on Cooper's overnight and day programs at

Wildcat Student - $100:  Provide one 4th or 5th grade student with a 3-day Earthkeepers experience.  More on Earthkeepers at

Saguaro Student - $150:  Provide one middle school student with a 3-day Sunship III experience.  More info on Sunship III at

Cooper Class - $750:  Provide one K-8 classroom with an overnight or day program experience at the Cooper Center.  More information on the Cooper Center's overnight and day programs at

Wildcat Class - $3,000:  Provide one 4th or 5th grade classroom with a 3-day Earthkeepers experience.  More on Earthkeepers at

Saguaro Class - $5,000:  Provide one middle school classroom with a 3-day Sunship III experience.  More info on Sunship III at

*For larger donations, please contact Colin Waite, Cooper Center Director at or 520-626-1825, or Rick Zurow, UA College of Education Development Director at or 520-621-7143. 

Click below to make your donation today!

Thank you for your support!