Sunship III


7 and 8

SS3 logoThis 2 night, 3 day earth education program, specifically designed for middle school students, celebrates their transition into adolescence, focuses on increasing their knowledge of four ecological concepts and helps them examine their perceptions and choices regarding the earth and its life. The first part of the program takes place at school and helps prepare them for their experiences. At the Cooper Center, they participate in activities to learn more about the key ecological concepts and make choices in their use of energy and materials as they manage a limited supply of “solarians,” units of sunlight energy. Back at home and school they participate in a “Quest” that includes visiting new natural areas, interviewing community members modeling positive environmental lifestyles, developing their own lifestyle plan, and working with others on a community project. Click here for more details.

(Please Note: Dates for this program are limited and several groups have already made a commitment for the school year. You will be contacted if you have a confirmed date or are on a wait list.)

Program Dates
Group Size

Maximum: 40 students/session, Minimum: 20 students/session


$60/student (meals included)

Orientation Info

This session is required for teachers who are new to Sunship III & recommended for all teachers. It will include a program overview, teacher roles, leading Sharing Circles, and managing the Quest. Professional Development credit for 5.5 hours will be awarded through the University of Arizona. Snacks and beverages provided.