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This 2 night, 3 day earth education program’s goal is to increase student knowledge of four key ecological concepts (energy flow, cycling of matter, interrelationships of living things, and change over time) and to deepen their feelings for the earth through observation, discovery, solitude, and immersion activities. The program begins two weeks before the visit when a map and letter arrive, inviting the class to become Earthkeepers. At the Earthkeepers Training Center (Cooper) they participate in a series of staff-led activities and students earn two of four keys that unlock boxes that reveal the secrets to becoming an Earthkeeper. Back at home and school the students earn the last two keys of the program by pledging to use less energy, fewer materials, visiting new natural areas, and sharing their knowledge and experiences with others. Click here for more details. (Special Note: The Dark Skies Rangers program is offered on the second evening by National Optical Astronomy Observatories/Kitt Peak.)

Program Dates
Group Size

Maximum: 60 students, Minimum: 20 students


TUSD Schools - $40/student; Others - $50/student

Orientation Info

This session is required of all first time Earthkeeper teachers and professional development credit will be earned through the University of Arizona. Snacks and beverages provided.